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The Jupiter 9 Project: A study of perception of mood

This project, named after the Russian camera lens used to take all of the featured photos, is an exercise in perception. By way of a public participation survey, the hope is to determine if the emotional state of a viewer affects the way facial expression is interpreted.

This experiment was inspired by the phrase "Resting Bitch Face". One night I misinterpreted a grin on the face of my spouse when she was looking at her phone. While she emphatically denied seeing anything amusing at the time, my faulty perception got the wheels turning in my head. If this happens on a regular basis to other people, what could possibly be the ramifications?

Thus began the Jupiter 9 Project. I began taking photos specifically for this project whenever I was doing portraits or headshots for clients and have collected over 140 individual examples that I’ve incorporated into the survey.

The data acquisition portion of this experiment has concluded.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

I now have the huge task of interpreting the data. I'm going to take my time on this and will publish the results when I'm finished.

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